How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Alone

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Inability to have your toddler sleep alone may negatively affect the romantic relationship existing between you and your spouse (no joke!). It is no surprise that parents with babies find it hard to express themselves romantically in the bedroom without their child interfering. If you happen to be one of such parents, the information on how to get your toddler to sleep alone presented here may be helpful to you.

Find a Distraction

Toddlers are usually very attached to their parents, which explains why they find it hard to sleep alone without them. They relish sleeping with someone to touch close by to give a sense of security. You can try finding objects that could serve as distraction for this behavior. A teddy bear is an example of objects that could be used.

Keep Your Baby Warm

This might sound obvious but keep in mind that our resistance to cold are different from our little loved ones! Ensure your baby gets the best protection from the drop of temperature at night, as it is very likely to prevent your baby from getting a comfort sleep. If you are unsure about what kind of baby clothing to get your babies, check out the recommended baby clothes for newborn here. It also comes with a guideline how the number of pieces you need depending on your laundry availability.

Consistent Bedtime

The time for your toddler to be in bed should not be allowed to fluctuate irregularly. Have a specific time for putting them to bed each night, with only slight changes allowed. You may decide that 8 p.m. is best for them to be in bed and any change in that time should only be by few minutes. This will make it easier for them to adapt to a specific schedule.

sleeping babyKeep Them Active Throughout the Day

It is also an advisable thing to ensure that your toddler is kept activity during the day. This will ensure that they use up energy levels that, if left unused, will make it hard for them to sleep in the night on time and alone. A short walk or visit to a playground may be helpful in using up the excess energy. Regular physical activity assists in raising the level of serotonin in your toddler’s body, useful in making them calm and easy to put in bed. However, this does not mean you have to make them participate in energy-sapping activities.

Have a Routine

In order to help your toddler adapt to sleeping alone, you may want to work with a routine. This will involve doing the same set of activities before bedtime every day. Once you have a specific bedtime in mind, plan the activities toward that. Before you know what is happening, your child would have adjusted to the scheme of thing, knowing what to expect after each activity.

Stay Close

It is a fact that children, especially toddlers, are emotionally attached to their parents. It is therefore not an easy proposition for them to sleep without a parent near. While your toddler is lying in his or her crib, you may try to while away time by finding something doing like reading a story. You need to assure your child that you will stay in the room until he is asleep. Before long, your toddler will need less time to be asleep.

Try Rewarding

Another good idea is to use rewards to get your toddler to sleep alone. Agreement may be reached that if your child is able to sleep on their own at night they would be rewarded. Children like positive reinforcements such as stickers or toys.

These are just some of the more practical ways to get your baby to sleep alone in their own bed. Try it out and leave us a comment down here!

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