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Babies cloth diapering could be a disaster if you don’t know what you are doing! To begin with, let us explore on the the list of essential items to get you started with.


Diapers are, of course, the key to this whole diapering system thing. Back in the 70s and 80s, there weren’t as many cute varieties as we have today. I’m sure plenty of parents, like is, are very tempted to overbuy solely because of the appearance of these cutesy diapers!

Nonetheless, the newborn would need to change, on average, once every 2 hours. This frequency could go up to as little as each per hour depending on your little angel. With that in mind, you’d need at least 3 days worth of inventory to get you going BEFORE laundry. Remember this, not all parents could afford the luxury of doing laundry frequently, especially when you have a newborn to get your hands full!

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I have seen parents go for disposable baby wipes, or cloth baby wipes, or both. If you are going for cloth wipes, you’ll need to stock up around 20 wipes per day, so go do your math and counting down to the days until your next laundry. On the other hand, disposable baby wipes, while clearly not economical, it gains the upper-hand in for convenience. It’s a great idea to keep some disposable baby wipes for traveling or even purely as backups!

Wet Bag

Yup, if you plan to take your baby out for more than an hour then you’ll need this. Did you know wet bags are looking as cute as the babies nowadays? Anyway, for first-timers, a wet bag is basically a leak resistant bag that lets you store used (dirty) baby cloth diapers when you are outside of home. A good wet bag is waterproof and does a great job in keep the odor within. A typical wet bag could hold around 10 cloth diapers which should be more than enough for a short trip to the mall or a friend’s place.

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Diaper Pail (or a HUGE Wet Bag)

Diaper pail, to me, is like a non-mobile version of a huge wet bag. Its sole purpose is to store your used and dirty diapers in between laundry, and more importantly, odor containment. If you can’t afford to do laundry everyday, then you will need this one. Typically a diaper pail comes with its own pail liner bag, but you will need at least an extra when the other one is being washed and dried.

Alternatively, some parents would prefer a huge wet bag to cut costs as you can make use of it while traveling too. Personally, I do not like the process of zipping and unzipping the bag every, single, time.

Cloth Safe Diaper Cream

Unlike disposable diapers, cloth diapers do indeed cause much less rashes in my opinion. However, when you find yourself in need of diaper cream, do make sure you get the cloth safe version of the diaper cream. The reason behind this is simple, traditional diaper cream contains petroleum products, which subsequently clogs the fiber of diaper clothes and thus, reducing their absorbency.


A liner’s job is to, well, makes your life easier when dealing with poop. You may or may not need this, depending on your personal tolerance when cleaning up the poop prior to laundry.

First Time changing baby diapers? Here’s a great video that shows you the proper way!

Changing Diaper 101

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