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Hello, parents. Parenthood could be a daunting task, more so if you are a first-timer. This post will answer your questions on roughly how many and what kind of baby clothes you will need for your newborn baby boy or girl.

Many first time parents might not have noticed this – your babies grow fast, really fast, and they won’t be fitting into a specific size of baby clothing for long. Then again, having a plethora of options for changing could save you a lot of rush for laundry and trouble. So, here comes the golden question, how many is enough?

Yes, I know, we all don’t want to overspend but neither do we want to be left under-stocked. Here’s a good balance recommendations from experienced parents that you might find very useful.

Rompers / Onesies / Bodysuits – 8 pieces

These are must-haves solely for the ease of use. In warmer climates or summer, a romper is great and it can serve as the underlying layer for winter coats and the likes. Some people suggest that a piece a day would be enough but if you babies get dirty quick, you’ll need to change twice a day, giving you an inventory of 4 days before the next laundry call.

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Socks – 4 pairs

Socks don’t get dirty as quick as the onesies, and baby feets always smell great, right? Anyway, even in warm temperature it is best to give your baby a pair of socks for maximum comfort. You do not need to change them everyday, so 4 pairs is good to go!


Hats – 2 pieces

Hats can be absolutely adorable. If you can’t resist those doggy ears or flowety designs, feel free to get more than the recommended two. They will make a lovely collection that you could show your babies when they enter adulthood, right? In addition to its cuteness, hat offers protection from cold and wind to our delicate ones, even in summer.


Cloth Diapers – at least a dozen per day

Your newborn might need a change of diaper at least every 3 hours, while some could go up to once every hour. Check out our Guide to Baby Diapers for the complete guide you need.


Sleeping Bag – 2 pieces

It has been claimed that baby sleeping bags help reduce the of risk of SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and thus it is now making its way into our must-have list. Check out Choosing Sleeping Bags for Babies Guide to help you find the right sleeping bag for your little ones.


Busy Parents vs Stay-at-home Parents

Busy parents who are working for the better part of the week, means that who can barely afford to do laundry once a week, you might need twice the number of what’s recommended here. 15 rompers or onesies, 8 pair of socks, and 4 hats as minimum requirement.

Stay-at-home parents or those who have the liberty to do laundry everyday, your inventory should look like this – 4 onesies or rompers, 2 pair of socks, and 2 hats.
Finally, bear in mind that when your babies start learning to walk and/or sit eating, they’ll need to have additional accessories like bibs and shoes. If you can afford, there’s no harm to in getting a little extras for backup.

We all want our little angels to grow up comfortably, don’t we?

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